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Monday, December 14, 2009

On the fly post

Not a whole lot of down time lately so I'm not able to blog as often :( I hope to get back into more frequent posting in the new year. For now, here are a few quick ones.

Pan fried polenta discs stacked with marinara, Teese cheeze medalions, sauteed mushrooms, zuch and spinach.

"I only have 10 minutes to cook and eat" salad: chick peas, lots of fresh dill, kale, cauliflower, hearts of palm, celery, green onion, vegan mayo, lemon juice, hot sauce, braggs, salt, pepper.

20 Minute Lentil Soup: red lentils, veggie broth, splash of coconut milk and braggs, celery, onion, zuch, curry blend, more turmeric, spinach, cilantro, soy sour cream or soygurt garnish.


  1. veggal17/12/09

    That soup looks delicious.
    You might like the spinach dal I made yesterday.


  2. That polenta stack looks so good!

  3. WOWZA! Look at that picture! So cool!