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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Viva vivagranola.com!

Vegan shopping in North Bay is improving but it is by no means Toronto. We have some of everything but the problem is we don't have the best of everything. For example, we have vegan cheese, but not Daiya. Reading my copy of VegNews was always a big tease - flipping through pages showing amazing vegan products I couldn't get my hands on. That is until last month when I discovered www.vivagranola.com, an online vegan store which ships all the best vegan products from Quebec. Won't Daiya go bad in the mail? Nope! They toss in a freezer pack for a couple of bucks!

Here is what I ordered (each of the item headings below should link to vivagranola's product description webpages):

For so long I've been drooling over pics of Daiya recipes and couldn't quite believe how well it appeared to melt. I bought it, melted it, ate it and............it's true! It really does melt just like cheese! I couldn't get over it. Stings of cheese! Other vegan cheese brands say 'it melts', but lets be honest here, they melt into liquid, not into ooey gooey goodness! I'm guessing arrowroot was the key to Daiya's success. I don't really care actually. It tastes amazing. I'm declaring myself a Daiya Devotee. For life.

I tried Daiya in a bunch of dishes but here are pics of vegan mexi macaroni casserole made with Yves mexican ground soy and scalloped potatoes:


This stuff is quite nice. No aftertaste. Very smooth texture. It doesn't melt very well but it tastes great cold in salads, on sandwhiches or crackers.

These are very close to the real thing - mind you, it's been over 5 years since I've had a marshmellow. The Sweet and Sara ones are very sweet, and less chalky than the non vegan ones, which is good. I made crispy rice squares with them and my only tip would be to break the S&S mashmellows into small pieces before trying to melt them into the recipe. They don't break down or melt as easily as non vegan marshmellows. I will definitely buy these again and again.

Jokerz candy bar (mimics Snickers):

It was love at first bite. But I can't believe that I, a chocolate bar-deprived vegan, am about to say this.... this bar was almost too sweet. Maybe it's because my tastebuds have been on candy bar vacation for five years, but I could barely finish this. I took a break and then polished it off. And it was great. I hope Crispy Cat bars expand their variety soon too...hey who's to say, in 10 years, we could see vegan sections at Macs corner stores. Maybe not.

Primal Stips - Key Lime and Teriyaki flavours:More, please. That's all I have to say about that.

PS - I am mad at Blogger! Does anyone else have a problem with photos? My pics remain thumbnails and arent clickable for some reason. Why?????

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  1. Omg I discovered this store awhile back, and I'm from PEI so it's SUPER exciting to get Daiya, S'mores etc!! They have awesome stuff :)