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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Daiya shipment numero deux!

I mentioned in a previous post that upon trying Daiya for the first time, I became an instant Daiya devotee. No other vegan cheese melts or tastes this good. I ordered more Daiya, in both mozza and cheddar flavours, from www.vivagranola.com for the holidays. For North Bay readers, I've recommended it to Bins and Bins and was asked to bring my next Daiya order in to show them, so here's hoping the best vegan cheese becomes available in North Bay in 2010!

Here is a blend of Daiya cheddar and mozza used in creamy tomato mac n cheez. If I can offer a tip, add most of your Daiya quantity near the end of making a dish like this one. It melts very fast and has a tendency to dissolve when cooked too long.

Below is the mozza or "Italian style" Daiya - it's quite good cold on salads and reminds me of fresh grated parmesan.

I caved and ordered another Sweet & Sara product. I will hug and kiss Sara if and when I meet her. Their "Smores" really hit the spot. And I love that all of their stuff if handmade too - with lots of love I'm sure. But I don't find it tastes like a Smore as much as a....(and my boyfriend is the one who hit the nail on the head on this one)....Wagon Wheel. Remember those things? Well either way, this S&S one is better tasting - and better for you. Everything in it is natural, organic and none of the oils are hydrogenated. Bonus.

Ooooh yes!


  1. We've been using "Follow Your Heart" brand vegan cheese, but we may have to give it a try. But what I really want to try is that vegan smore. YUMM-EEEE!

  2. Omg what is that delicious looking thing. Have some left when I go home at the end of January...the smores of course, although the mac and cheese does look amazing..I want the cookie first.